Get Paid to Play Baseball


"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Milton Berle

Eddie Aucoin St. Paul SaintsEddie Aucoin is a retired professional baseball player and instructor who has competed in a number of different leagues throughout the world. An admitted "hired gun" in international baseball circles, he built a lengthy career as a professional after injury and adversity forced him to step away from the game and then start overwell past his prime as a signable commodity in the eyes of Major League Baseball scouts.

After suffering an arm injury in college while performing the dual role of shortstop and closer, Eddie took a hiatus from  baseball as he faced the apparent end of his career. It was during this time away from the Eddie Aucoin Brockton Roxfield when it became grossly evident that he just wasn't ready to walk away from the game.  More specifically, it was on a "frigid, rainy, throw-yourself-into-oncoming-traffic kind of Monday morning, while swinging a sledge hammer at a downtown Boston construction site," when he decided he had to give the pros just one shot. So a short time later, he packed up his Ford Ranger with little more than gas money in his pocket, hopped on I-95 and moved to St. Augustine, Florida to work himself back into playing shape with his former college team (Flagler College).

In May of 1998, he spent the last of his savings on a room at the Days Inn in Waterbury, CT, for a pro tryout (comically described in the book) the following day. Literally at the end of the road of his pro baseball dream, Eddie was signed as a shortstop by the Waterbury Spirit of the Northeast League of Professional Baseball. After a month with the Spirit, he received an offer to sign with the world famous professional fastpitch softball team, “The King and his Court” by the “King of Softball,” Eddie Feigner. The King had been impressed by Eddie's play duringEddie Aucoin Rookie Baseball Card a tour of the Southeast a few months prior. A chance to travel North America while getting paid to play ball was too much to pass up. For three years he toured with the court throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico alongside some of the world’s best fastpitch softball players.

After three great seasons with pro softball royalty, Eddie decided that it was time to move on. He retired from the King and his Court with the intention of putting his college degree to good use in the 9-5 world. As the autumn and winter months progressed though, it became apparent that something was still missing. While touring with the court was a great ride, his true passion remained the game of baseball; and there was a feeling of unfinished business after leaving the game the first Eddie Aucoin Mannheim, Germanytime around. As he describes in the introduction of the book “baseball just wouldn’t go away.” So he started again—this time as a pitcher.

This was the beginning of a brand new baseball adventure that’s literally taken him around the world. After numerous stops throughout the US, Canada, South America, and all over Europe (including a stint in the Toronto Blue Jays system), he says "I can't imagine ever looking back at one single day I spent as a pro ballplayer, and wishing I was employed doing anything else." Even now, the job offers still keep coming in each season.

Over the course of several years, Eddie Aucoin thoroughly researched and compiled the essential information in this book through his network of contacts throughout the baseball world—including those inside of Major League Baseball. He’s sharing it with you now, in hopes that you or someone in your life can benefit, and also live the dream of getting paid to play baseball.

Eddie Aucoin now lives in Clearwater, Florida, and has a two-year-old son, Liam Jason Aucoin.

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