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Minor League Tryouts

Buy Live The Dream!Minor league tryout is a bit of a misnomer, but this is a question we get a lot:  “How do I try out for the minor leagues?”

The answer to that is you don’t. To be placed on a minor league team in a major league system, you must first get signed by the major league organization. So as far as minor league tryouts go, major league baseball tryouts are what you need to find.

Alternatively, independent leagues—professional baseball leagues in North America that are unaffiliated with MLB—conduct their own tryouts. You can learn about independent league tryouts here.

Be aware that it is very difficult to get signed directlyMinor League Baseball Tryout out of a major league baseball tryout. Typically these events are used by scouts to find young players with pro potential, whom they will watch and evaluate in anticipation of a future First-Year Player Draft.

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