Get Paid to Play Baseball

Travel Teams/Tournaments

Buy Live The DreamBaseball travel teams, summer leagues, and youth baseball tournaments are all great ways to generate professional and college exposure. This applies whether your son is 12 years old or about to graduate high school. 

Baseball travel teams typically provide better competition and a higher level of instruction than local leagues. Youth travel baseball also provides opportunities to compete in youth baseball tournaments. Scouts are far more likely to Pickoff attempt at a travel baseball gameattend a large youth baseball tournament than to check out any individual game. A youth baseball tournament that brings together talented baseball travel teams from around the country is especially appealing.  Even at 13 or 14 years old, a scout can recognize the potential to develop big league tools. If a scout sees your son at a youth baseball tournament and thinks he’s got the goods, he’ll likely follow up later on and come watch him play again in a summer league to see how he develops. 
Baseball tournaments and competitive baseball travel teams are important for high school players also. Keep in mind that the ratio of scouts to high school programs is very low, and most games in every region of the country begin at the same time each day. Scouts have to pick and choose which high school teams they get to see during any given season. Quality summer baseball tournaments present a prime opportunity for scouts to evaluate several talented teenagers in one place. College coaches and recruiters also frequent these baseball tournaments, as summer is when they get most of their internal scouting done.

If you’re serious about generating exposure for your son, whatever his age, consider buying “Live The Dream: Get Paid to Play Baseball.” It will teach you how to absolutely maximize his chances of playing pro ball.

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